The Unseen

To revolutionize the navigation of visually impaired
through cutting-edge assistive technology

People wearing an assistive device to navigate indoors


Core features offered by our devices


Object Detection

Identifies objects in the environment to enhance situational awareness for visually impaired travelers.


Obstacle Avoidance

Guides users around obstacles, ensuring safe and smooth navigation.


Safety Zone Identification

Notifies users when entering or leaving designated safety zones.


Indoor Navigation

Enables confident navigation within indoor spaces for visually impaired individuals.


Our Services

All-in-One Solution to enable premises
for the visually impaired

We recognize the transformative potential of our assistive device within these settings, enabling facility owners to not only provide an enhanced and inclusive experience to visually impaired visitors but also leave a lasting positive impression in the realm of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives.

Our commitment to excellence extends to our B2B partners, encompassing the provision of comprehensive technical support. We ensure the seamless integration and operation of our device within their facilities.


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City University of Hong Kong

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